5 character traits you’ll need to become a successful creative entrepreneur

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If you start a conversation about starting a creative business and being a successful entrepreneur, then most people will start talking about the big tech names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  These are the guys that most people use as a yardstick for the entrepreneur and there is an element of their style and approach that works in any type of business.  So what traits do these and other top entrepreneurs have that we mere mortals can cultivate in ourselves in our drive to succeed?

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Tenacity and application

Once in a blue moon, someone has an idea, does a little bit of work and suddenly they are making a fortune and on every magazine cover around the world.  But the vast majority of the time, people are successful over a period of time and tenacity is one of the main reasons they get there.  Applying yourself to the plan you have set out and the goals that drive you is crucial in being successful.  Dealing with problems and when things go wrong, finding the good in the situation and learning from it is the only way to get long-term profitability.


If you are the boss and sometimes in a creative business, all the other roles in the company then self-motivation and passion for what you do is crucial.  If you can’t be enthusiastic about the product or service you are offering, then you can’t expect your customers to be.  And if you aren’t motivated to keep going, even when things go wrong, then maybe this isn’t the business for you.  Some entrepreneurs are motivated by money, some by the idea of success and fame, some simply by the sense of achievement.  Whatever motivates you, find it and utilise it.


Taking the risk of going into business takes a degree of fearlessness and you will often need to call on this attitude during your time of growth.  Sometimes risks need to be taken, stepping out on a limb because you know it will work.  Other times you will need to be fearless to try something when your first idea went wrong or failed.  If you live in fear of what may happen, rather than anticipation of it, then you may struggle to succeed and to enjoy your success.


When everything goes together, it is great but you will be under your greatest strain when things don’t.  This is when adaptability and flexibility come to the fore – your ability to deal with the problem by creating a solution or an alternative path.  Dwelling on what has gone wrong won’t solve anything and while sticking to your plans is a good idea, you also need to recognise when a new plan is needed.

Having a vision

Having a vision of what you are trying to achieve is important, as without an end goal, there is the danger of simply floundering around along the way.  Being the one that sees where the company is going, what the new products are going to be or even where the next big thing is coming from is the key trait of an entrepreneur and can be cultivated just like any other.

Author: Angela Tempest

I am a freelance writer who loves to learn something new and splits her time between writing, running a small crafts business and looking after lots of birds.