5 tips to live a healthier creative life

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It’s easy to get carried away working in your creative space and forget about taking care of your overall health. Making sure you remain in tip top shape will help improve all aspects of your life and increase your creativity.

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    Your surroundings

    Start by cleaning up your space. Working in a cluttered, unkempt environment can be a huge time waster & stressor. Organizing your space will allow you to find what you are looking for and create a relaxing environment to work in.

    Start by emptying your trash bin. Toss the garbage and things you no longer need.

    Separate the rest into piles of papers and materials you use all the time, and others you don’t use as often. Then organize your piles.

    Don’t forget to check the labels on the materials you use. Things like paints and glues may be hazardous (to your environment and health) and have special storage requirements. Be sure to read all warning labels and take their storage requirements into consideration when planning your new space.

    Have a spot for everything and keep it in its own place. Keep the materials you use all the time close at hand and find a spot to store the others. Storage doesn’t have to be pricey.

    I often use the brown delivery boxes I receive in the mail as storage for books, art supplies and packing materials. Visit a furniture, liquor or grocery store on delivery day. They often have delivery boxes they will be looking to get rid of and will let you take them for free. Use glass jars, vases, cups, bowls, plates as unique holders for things like pens, paperclips, ribbon, tape.

    We are what we eat

    Cut back on salt, sugar and unhealthy fats. Increase your intake of fruits, nuts and other vegetables. Not eating enough or too much will sap your energy. Drinking enough water helps increase your energy, flushes toxins from your system, helps your metabolism and overall health.

    You’ve got to move it, move it!

    Our bodies are what support us in our creative endeavors, so it’s important we care for them. It’s so easy to become engrossed in your creative work. Often times we end up sitting or standing in the same position for hours on end. You don’t need a fancy exercise class to stay in shape. Exercise classes are great, but a walk or a swim is just as beneficial. Stretching from your head to your toes keeps our bodies flexible. And keeps the carpal tunnel away too, hooray! Stretching and exercise is not only good for overall health & flexibility, it will help keep those aches and pains away, clear your mid, get rid of stress and boost your performance.

    Make time for others

    You may love what you create, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in your life. Being locked up like a hermit isn’t good for anyone. Not only do you forget to enjoy your life to its fullest, you take yourself away from spending time with those you love and care about.

    Take yourself on a date

    Yes, this may sound a little crazy, but stay with me.

    This tip is about having fun and self care. Find something you’ve been wanting to do and go do it. Whether it’s going to the park, having a relaxing bubble bath, visiting the library to read books all day, taking yourself our to lunch, it’s important to do something for yourself once in awhile. Being on your own while you are doing it, not only gives you time to think, you’ll relax and even better will build your confidence. I’ll bet you’ll also end up with a bunch of new ideas to boost your creativity.

    The easiest way to start implementing these healthy habits is one step at a time. Baby steps often have even more power than the big ones, to get you to where you want to be, as they have a way of being easier to stick to. The icing on the cake is, the more steps you take towards a healthier you, the closer you are to more creativity and overall happiness you’ll have in your daily life.