5 tips to make you more creative at work

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Sometimes you sit at your workspace and try to summon your creativity and all you get is a slight headache. Creativity is at the heart of everything that we do and the way we bring our best to our jobs when we use it. So how do you find it when it gets lost or inspire yourself to reach further than before?

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    Ever had a brilliant idea then forgot it? Tried to take it to the next step but not been able to?   Then using a visualisation technique might solve the problem or bed in the idea. There are plenty of ways of doing this, such as working on a computer program like OneNote that allows you to jot down your thoughts in a random manner. You can work with your team or colleagues in the same way around a whiteboard with everyone adding their contribution and watching the creation grow before your eyes. Even when you are alone and spark an idea, grab a notebook and jot down the essentials so that you don’t forget them later on!

    Change your location

    Sometimes going somewhere different can help you tap into your creativity and be more productive. It can be a different area of the office or it can be somewhere different. Grab your laptop when the sun is shining and head to the nearest green space to enjoy the good feelings you get from the sunshine and nature. Or if it is near lunchtime or the end of the day, go and have a drink with colleagues but keep that notepad handy. By chatting about the issue in a relaxed environment with others who know your work, you may find that elusive solution.


    Whether around the whiteboard, via email or even in the pub, brainstorming is a tried and tested method to get creativity flowing. Even if it means jotting down a load of words relating to the project or idea and seeing what connects with them, emptying everything out of your brain on the subject can make room for something new and fresh.


    Creativity comes in many forms and there is no set formula you need to follow to make the most of yours. For some people, creativity comes through computers with different programs while others may be artistically gifted or can work with words. When you are trying to make the most of your creativity, start with what you are good with and what works for you. Trying to master something different will take all of your energy and likely not gain you anything while using your nature aptitude will bring better results.


    According to National Geographic’s Brain Games program, one of the key elements to getting the best out of yourself is sleep. Allowing yourself enough time to rest and recharge your batteries is an important as anything else you do – working until late then getting up extra early is a recipe for disaster and will end up destroying the creativity you are trying to nurture.