9 generic logotypes you should avoid when you design a great logo

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Great logo design needs a complex blend of design skills, creativity as well as skillful application. A logo designer worth his or her salt can easily and quickly create a fit for the purpose logo, but truly mastering all facets of the craft takes a few time, practice, patience, dedication and mix or creativity accelerate it. Many designers believe, logo design is not only a creativity but also a small sub-set of branding – which nowadays can associate a dizzying number or activation things, from the interior decoration and design right through to tone the voice on social media platforms – but a logo or a brand mark, remains the center piece of the majority of branding schemes.

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Your logo reflects what your company really is

Many editors or art and logo designers have given their views on generic logo design. They told the essential things to avoid and things to know about logo design, especially what should you avoid when you design a great logo for your company. Many branding professionals also have shown same views about the difficulties of generic logo design. Therefore, we have discussed nine generic logotypes you should avoid when you think of designing a great logo. This discussion can be fruitful for you and can be helpful for you to improve your branding work.

What does a generic logo say about you?

A generic logo normally features the design elements that are utilized many times for many purposes. Sometimes it does not show an original creation. Some of the logos are very common and used in different places, often overused and easy to mark. Not to worry at all, here we have discussed some of the overused logo design to help you learn how to give them up.

  1. No V anymore

If you are a designer, then you must have seen this easily recognizable V abstract. This V pattern has been used by most of the industries. Many social media and service industries used it. Many designers believe it is an avant-garde one, but time passes the V-man is faded its originality.

  1. Globe logo – is it a worldly one?

People believe globe logo is outstanding. Many believe it has a unique place in the world of logo. Organizations latch onto the thought of desiring to show themselves as global, and finally choose this faded one, which is really outdated.

  1. Is the graph logo usually point up?

When you use a graph logo, you should think at least once if it shows any point. People who use this logo believe it goes up and means they are successful. It is a very common concept and probably lost it actual meaning. Does it show your business a bit different?

  1. Generic wordmark does not say anything

Generic watermark logo does not say anything special for your business. When you know it shows very common thing and have been using by other thousands of designers for their business, you should avoid it.

  1. Generic lettermak says something common

A lettermark logo is what everybody used. This is sometimes known as an elegant one to brand one’s business, however lettermark logos have used several times and now they become unmemorable.

  1. Generic industry logos

Probably you have used generic industry logos many times before. Honestly, have you come across something different in it? Hopefully no, because this type of logo is a overused concept, but few designers believe this is a unique to particular industries. You can avoid them.

  1. Accounting and finance consulting logos

Many designers believe accounting and finance consulting logos tend to involve the organization’s initials managed with a geometric size and shape. Aging it is an overused one.

  1. Real estate logo

Hope you have designed a generic real estate logo. What does it focus? Please guess once – real estate must be! Mainly, this type of logo features rooflines as well as shapes, which could show like a building.

  1. Internet technology & communication

If you have tried Google Image Search, you must be known there are many globes, symbols and other internet, technology and communication logos. These types of images or logos are widely used to show non-tangible businesses. Now they are very general and unaccountable.

Most of the designers work and influenced with latest design trends. Many of them design some generic type logos, but things they should know to avoid when design. We have discussed those easy avoidable things here in this article. One of the most important facets of designing a great logo is creating elements that reflect what your company actually is.

Author Bio:-  Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. a web and graphic design company. He loves to share his thoughts on logo design,Graphic Design , Exhibition Design, and more.

Author: Hermit Chawla

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. a web and graphic design company. He loves to share his thoughts on logo design, Graphic Design , Exhibition Design, and more.