What character traits make a great designer?

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Looking to be a successful designer? To design websites or dresses or even interiors one must be capable. One must showcase the best of both worlds having the right attitude as well as the aptitude. Interest is key but if you don’t have the correct tools to present your talent to the world then this interest is almost as good as wasted. Thus, you must have these basic character traits that can turn you business into one of the most flourishing companies and attract the best kind of publicity.

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To express is one of the basic wants of a designer. He/she must create to express what they feel and also to inspire the same need amongst others. When faced with a writer’s block or any obstacle they try to overcome it by learning new things and gaining more knowledge. Being a purely cognitive activity, it is important that you get feedback on your work and therefore, for a successful designer the output is a way of self improvement.  Being a work in progress, they want to constantly hone their skills and create better work.


Not being over confident is one of the most transparent and impressive traits of a designer. To become a successful designer, one has to struggle and only those who have struggled know the importance of competition. It is not good to assume that one is the best and therefore, one should not overestimate oneself or underestimate others. This self same humility also leads to empathy and sharing. Instead of jealously hiding ones art, to promote and spread it should be an intrinsic need. Sharing of this knowledge not only gets you more friends, it also shows your confidence in your work.


Hard work and a purely animal need to progress are important but it is also important to not be harmful to others. On your way up the creative ladder you must not drag down others or squash the dreams of other artists. One must remember one’s own days of struggle and have an ethic that does not allow injustice.


While it is a must that you have talent, your friends and family will always assure you that the right publicity can pull you into the ranks of success. Your interesting insights and different work might get more interest from your audience if it is packaged in the right way. The same packaging is also a purely creative process. Promotion of a certain image is very important and that image should stand for the values that you aspire to.


One of the best ways of branding is to have a brilliantly worked out website. This does not only show the correct image and your previous works. This website is also the mode through which you contact or interact with your clients and audience. Your current works can also be showcased here and soon, before you know it, you shall be the talk of tinsel town.