Design career tips: 8 things to tell your future self

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I’ve read some brilliant articles lately along the lines of ‘what would I tell my younger self’. Well, this inspired me, what would I tell my future self if he was to find a letter from 20 something year old me? Well, I suppose writing an article about it will mean it’s on here forever, so here it is.

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  1. Never forget why you got into this. It wasn’t for money, it wasn’t to walk around with an ostentatious job title saying ‘I’m a designer’. It was because it was your way to do something you love doing, so love it.
  2. Make sure you’re questioning when you don’t know, don’t try to b***shit your way through, because you’ve come across people that do that and you clock it straight away, don’t be that guy, it’ll get you nowhere.
  3. Stand by your design, don’t be the ‘yes’ man just because it will please your boss in the short term, you’ll get more respect if you don’t just agree to keep things easy. They pay you for your mind, there’s no point you being there if you’re just going to have the same thoughts as them.
  4. Stay grounded, don’t brown nose. You weren’t brought up that way. Dad would kill you. Nobody likes a suck up, and if you were a boss and I was following you round like a lost puppy it’ll piss you off, so don’t do it, climb the ranks for your work, the right way.
  5. Don’t be a wimp, you will make mistakes, delete files you weren’t meant to and other stupid stuff. But it’s not going to make the ten o clock news, learn from it, fix it and man up. Your mates at work will take the mick no doubt, because – well because they’re your mates and it’s funny. But no one has died, get on with it.
  6. You’re only as good as your last job, take pride in every job, when you were starting out and just learning the ropes you would treat that business card like it was going to make you famous. And you’re not Steve Jobs yet pal, so keep that mentality on every job, don’t start thinking you’re billy big boll**ks just because you’re working on bigger names.
  7. They’re not your colleagues. They’re now your mates, you’re going to spend more time with those lot at work than your family. Treat them with respect and have their backs. Because if you’re having a bad day, they’re the only ones that you’re going to have around you mate.
  8. Finally. If you start becoming a bit too cocksure, re-read this article.

Author: Tom Mason

Tom is a 24-year-old Digital Designer at CAB Studios with 6 years agency experience. he has worked with clients such PizzaExpress, Superdry, Playboy as well as creating an award-winning app for Jamie’s Italian.