Social media marketing for art galleries

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With new themes trending every moment and emergence of new twitterati every day, you can use the momentary fame of social networking to enhance your creative business. Especially if you have an art house or gallery, we understand that you are on the lookout for your audience and are hoping to capture their attention. These multitudes of ways can improve your business and make you a more involved curator of art.

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Share for the Care

The best way of spreading the word about your art gallery is to most obviously make frequent updates about the interesting work that is being showcased at the location. The more descriptive the nature of your work, the most followers it will have. Announcements of every kind are the best way of having people turn up at the event. The exhibitions or workshops that take place have inherently a sense of creativity and live-tweeting could be a way of spreading the word to even more people. By letting people know months ahead, your event will be penned down into planners by the time of the event.

Navigate to Network

Twitter has become a lexicographical device to hound and build virtual relationships. Partnerships or collaborations with new artists can give your gallery just the right jump. It is important that you research your network because of the tremendous talent that abounds in people. Artists almost always follow art galleries looking for a break and this will help you find a plethora of innovations and at the same time reach out to your audience.

Out of the Box

Not just the work that is available, you could also share the body of artistic work that is happening around the world. If your posts are interesting, you will gather more followers. Blogs, art pieces, auctions, trivia are all part of the image that you are trying to build for your gallery. The online community of artists often relates to such news and can give back to the gallery by telling you what they would like to be showcased. Abstracts, water colours, oils, or street art have all emerged in different forms and one could use the audience’s needs to provide them.

Club it Up

You can use your private Twitter account to create a club of premium members. On the basis of their public activity on the account, you could give tem special promotional offers or discounts on sales. Discounts are always a crowd magnet and having a collector club almost always is a win. Holding contents and end of season offers the audience an incentive to be more involved. Art prints are also a good idea for students who cannot afford actual art pieces.

Giveaways based on trivia contests are one of the most interesting ways of keeping your audience enthralled with the work that is being showcased at your art gallery. Twitter is a great marketing tool and hopefully, you will use it to your utmost benefit.