Tips for goals-driven personal branding

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Goals can be a bit of a scary concept. However, they are really necessary. We will talk about them a little later on here. Now, I am going to let you in on a little secret, you need to take ownership of your work to drive successful personal branding. Here’s what I mean.

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Think of a game. People like to win, right? You feel some sort of gratification if you are winning. It will have a much more personal attachment to what you’re doing. If you’re in a race, then you want to win, or at least the majority of the time you do.

Now that concept translates into the following scenario: wicked important goals(WIGs) and ownership.

Goal WIG Definition and Goal Setting:

A WIG is an important goal that, if not done, would have dramatic effects. It requires that 20% of your efforts leads to 80% of the results. In other words, you can only have max 3 of these bad boys and off you go. The ownership comes in that you have a duty to own it. You should facilitate that through various means such as:

  1. Weekly reviews with your clients
  2. Weekly commitments and assessment of progress to that commitment
  3. Identifying any roadblocks
  4. Recognition

Now I can imagine that sounds a bit daunting. You may start asking yourself, “how do I define a goal?”. I like to use the SMART methodology:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Assignable
  • Reachable
  • Timely mannered

Using the above methodology you can identify potentially hundreds off goals. However, as we said, they should be WIGs. You may want to come up with various goals, and rank them according to priority. If you do that, then the first one, two, or three of them are your WIGs. Decide carefully!

Branding Benefits:

Are you ready for it?

You demonstrate to your clients to meeting with them on a regular basis and sharing them what you have achieved. It helps you earn trust from their side, and shows your honesty and integrity. Both of these are valued in any relationship let alone a new client relationship.

The second piece here is you build  word of mouth credibility that your client can share with their peers. That word of mouth sharing helps you build relationships with new clients. Take it a step further by saying that you can also build a network out of it.

You can achieve powerful results with WIGs that no only improve your income, but they build your personal brand with your client and your network.

Key Takeaway: A goals driven personal brand helps you grow your business and network through word of mouth referrals and a reputation of honesty and integrity. You need WIGs to achieve these results. The WIGs should follow a SMART methodology to ensure that you can achieve the results you desire..

Author: Adam E. Badenhorst

Adam E. Badenhorst is a corporate professional and entrepreneur with operations and marketing experience who also writes articles about various topics.