Top tablet apps for artists and graphic designers

apps for artists and graphic designers

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In this day and age of technological know-how, the modest pen and paper is no longer in favour and has been replaced with the increasingly popular tablet devices. For creative professionals, working whilst on the move is becoming more and more important. This is especially true for artists who are looking for innovative ways to capture their creative vision onto the screen. Here is our pick of the best tablet apps for artists to help them work using more up-to-date methods.

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apps for artists and graphic designers

5) Art Studio, £1.99
An affordable yet advanced tablet app, Art Studio is a fully-functional program that packs in a tonne of useful tools and features. There are many different brushes and filters to choose from with a whole spectrum of colours available at your disposable. Art Studio attempts to compete with Photoshop and offers a load of editing tools to improve their program. However it isn’t completely refined just yet as there is a slight delay between the touch of the screen with the drawing itself. But for its low price it proves to be a great value app and is a great starting point for artists looking to refine their craft on their tablet.

4) Procreate, £4.99
As the title might suggest, this app is for professional artists who understand how to get the most from this type of program. A unique feature of this app is that users are able to create their own brushes and can customise them according to the their need. The brushes that are already available are textured with many further effect options on offer. The screen itself is responsive and the interface is clean and simple to use. This app is not suited to beginners inexperienced in this type of program, but for artists who already have knowledge of artistic apps it really is hard to beat.

3) Layers, £3.49
Layers is a simple-to-use, effective art app that contains everything you need for a travelling art studio. With this app you can build up to 5 layers of your work with 5 different brush options to choose from. It also comes with useful smudge tools and a handy eraser (because not everyone gets it right first time). A prominent feature of the app is its undo/redo tool, which allows you to travel through 30 past variations, restoring your work back to how you want it. The basic version is admittedly slightly limited, but with an upgrade to the pro version many more tools and gadgets are unlocked to ensure maximum success levels with the program.

2) Sketchbook Pro, £2.99
One of the most popular artistic apps on the market, Sketchbook Pro has been developed for use when sketching with the stylus and painting with your finger. Not only does it come with a range of readily available brush tools and effect gadgets but there are many editing features available. And as an added bonus your design can be exported straight to Photoshop. This app is great for artists who are serious about their work and want to create quality images without carrying the tools required to do so.

1) Inspire Pro, £5.49
This app helps artists to create some of the most realistic looking drawings and paintings available on the digital screen. Featuring 5 types of brushes that would be used in hand by artists, a genuine-looking oil painting can be produced using the blending effects and pressure, sizing and spacing variations on the brushes. Although basic features such as cut and paste and circle select seem to be lacking, this adds to the fact that the app tries to go back to basics with art and simulates the real act of painting instead of overloading the program with gimmicks.