How to use social media to share your creative work

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We live in a digital world. Social media sites offer creatives a means of marketing their work and communicating with people for free. Although they do not diminish the value and importance of having an effective website, social media sites offer a dimension that websites do not – the opportunity to create a dialogue and engage with people directly and instantly across the globe.

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Sharing your creative work online allows more people the opportunity to see and therefore respond to your work. But with so many people sharing online it can be challenging to make your work stand out from the crowd. The explosion of social media has steepened competition due to the increase in availability of people’s creative work.

Social media encourages interaction and drives people to chase ‘likes’. More and more often we find ourselves looking at how many followers or how many likes someone has when we decide whether we like what they do and whether we want to follow them or not. It’s become a bit of a numbers game.

To help you and your creative work stand out, here are some social media tips…


It might seem strange but social media allows your creative work to take on a character. This character develops through the words that you use, what you post and the general feel of your page(s). Think carefully about how you want to portray yourself and your work and remember that in establishing this, consistency is key.


Creating a theme for your social media sites is incredibly important. Viewers want to know what to expect when they visit your page or when to expect a new post. So remember to check your page and publish posts regularly. Also make sure you post at the best times, when people are most likely to be online. There are various apps you can download which will tell you the best times to post, or you can check this on Instagram if you have it set up for business.


People love to see photos and videos on social media sites. Think about how you can share your creative work in the most visual way possible. How can you do something slightly different that might make your work stand out? Always ensure that everything you post is high-quality if you want to be seen as being professional.


Respond to comments on your social media posts to build online relationships with people. Use hashtags and mention other people or brands where possible. This will mean your work is more likely to be found and the people you mention will be notified of your post. Follow other accounts and like other pages, particularly those that are relevant to you and your creative work. This will enable you to engage with them and hopefully get noticed too.

Author: Emily Sillett

Emily is the founder of EJS Creative. As a designer and photographer she works closely with people to improve their branding and marketing strategies. Is your brand in need of some TLC? Follow her on Instagram: @ejscreative