Winning animated films from Fantoche 2017 to tour Switzerland and Europe

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The winning films from the Fantoche-Festival 2017 are touring Switzerland and Europe. ‘Best of Fantoche 2017’ showcases the best animated shorts for adults from the international and Swiss competition; ‘Best Kids 2017’ shows the latest animations for children aged eight and up, including the children’s jury favourites.

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The winning films are touring 20 cinemas in all Swiss language regions, and also travelling as far abroad as Budapest and Paris. The Best of Fantoche Tour 2017 presents the jury and audience favourites from the three competitions.

Artistic and festival director Annette Schindler comments: “The winning films demonstrate the courage to tell new stories that question our perception of the world with subtle humour.”

The diversity of contemporary animated film is both captivating and surprising – serious issues are presented in visually striking ways. An apocalyptic musical with singing fish and dancing mice intrigues with bittersweet irony and masterful execution, while a stop-motion summary of the 21st century leaves its images lingering in the mind long after viewing is over. The film selection features a broad range of animation techniques, including puppetry, stop-motion animation, comic-style cartoons, and even painted glass.

Schindler is very pleased with both tour programmes: “The diversity of contemporary animated art guarantees the viewer a feast for the senses and leaves a lasting impression.”

The five most important winning films:

Best Film: The Burden, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, SE 2017

Audience Award International Competition: Negative Space, Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata, FR 2017

Best Swiss: Airport, Michaela Müller CH/HR 2017

Audience Award Swiss Competition: In a Nutshell, Fabio Friedli, CH 2017

Best Kids: Ethnophobia, Joan Zhonga, AL/GR 2016

Fantoche is one of the world’s leading festivals for animated films and is Switzerland’s largest and most prestigious cultural event devoted exclusively to animation in all its many thematic and technical facets. What once started life 22 years ago as a small yet promising project is now a crowd-puller and a meeting place for industry professionals from Switzerland and the rest of the world. The event also sees school classes, families and youths converging upon Baden’s cinemas every September.

Fantoche had an amazing edition in 2017: Beside the total of 26’300 cinema tickets and exhibition visits (4 per cent more than in the record year of 2015) the 2094 film submissions broke all records. Most submissions came from France, the UK and the US, but also Iran was strongly represented this year with 119 submissions. Even from Guatemala, Iraq, Lebanon, Macao, Syria, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, animation films have arrived. In total the festival received films from 102 countries. 67 submissions came from Switzerland.