Work/life balance: be a successful creative professional AND have a life!

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creative professions can be stressful!

Are the thoughts of a 9-5 job worrying you despite the fact that you are a professional but unable to bear the stress of working 8 hours at a stretch because of health problems. Are you worried about the future of your kids and the other members of your family if you leave your full time job? The good news is that you can work from the confines of your home for as long as you like and still earn much more compared to what you are earning at your office. You are not the only one who has left his full time job because of health reasons. Many more professionals like you, including those who are in the pink of their health, have opted for working from home because of the vast opportunities it offers. It also gives them the freedom of regulating their working hours as they like.

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    The internet is a goldmine for people like you. Many companies are nowadays recruiting freelancers instead of full time employees to get their job done. This provides them the opportunity to cut down on salaries and yet get their job done. On many occasions people from different parts of the world form a group that offers various types of services. Here is a small example of a team that specialises in comprehensive web designing. As soon as the leader of the team receives an order, he sends the writing section to the copywriter. If the website requires text in different languages, the English text is sent to individuals who know English plus another language.

    The designing portion is sent to a professional designer, and the coding part to a HTML specialist. They often interact with each other through video chat to make sure that they are working in synchronisation. The job gets completed in a couple of days and is sent to the group leader who sends the completed file to the client in record time. It would have taken much more time to complete this job if it was entrusted to a professional company.

    It makes no difference about your area of speciality since the net is full of opportunities for everyone. Most clients provide you with a decent time to complete the job. Apart from this there is the advantage of time zones. This translates into availability of work throughout the day. If you want to attend a party during the day, you might do work in the evening or even at night. On certain occasions you might find that someone wants a job quickly and is willing to pay a higher than normal rate for that. This provides you with an opportunity to earn even more. You just need to be wary of dubious clients who vanish without paying once you complete their job. You can find out more about the frauds and how to separate wheat from chaff by becoming a member of forums or social networks where discussions on online jobs are held. With a bit of luck you might find your first client there.